18 Fresh Water Docks

Located in Seattle 1,000 yards from the historic Ballard locks, SBMC is a fresh water marina with moorage that accommodates vessels from 100 feet to 240 feet. The combination of on-site marine service tenants and adjacent off-site marine service facilities makes SBMC the largest contiguous super yacht marina of its kind on the U.S. west coast

“Fresh water…boy does the boat love that! Everything that grows in saltwater dies. Our maintenance is probably cut in half because we moor in fresh water. Nobody thinks about that when they’re globetrotting around.”
Captain Skip Sethmann, 150’ Delta

Available Slips

Live Dock Cams at SBMC

For moorage availability and pricing, please contact us at: 206.450.9100


“Sea Lion’s home port is Seattle. Where she lives in Seattle is Salmon Bay Marine Center (“SBMC”), arguably the finest super-yacht moorage on the West Coast, with few equals on the East Coast. Here are a few reasons why we love SBMC:

“Fresh Water Moorage. SBMC is located on the Ballard Ship Canal, just upstream from the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks. These locks raise passing vessels from the salt water of the Puget Sound to the fresh water of the Lake Washington/Lake Union drainage. Fresh water minimizes fouling.

“Ease of Access to the Boat. Vehicle access is to within 50 yards of the slips. If that’s too far, electric carts are provided.

“Wide, Heavy-Duty, Concrete Docks. The docks are designed for boats up to 75 meters. They are wide, stable and uncluttered. Typically, there are no more than two boats on any dock, side-tied. The Ship Canal affords plenty of maneuvering room to come in bow or stern-first.

“Meticulously Maintained. SBMC is managed by its owner and its impeccable upkeep reflects its modern design and construction.”

—Steve Leonard, captain M/V Sea Lion, 70’ Delta

Marina Amenities


  • 1 gigabit-per-second fiber internet to each dock pedestal
  • Private parking within 200 feet of all docks
  • Fully-secured, gate access
  • Security cameras with 24/7 live streaming
  • Drive-on 12-foot-wide docks with electric carts
  • 240/480, 3 phase 200A power
  • Helicopter load and unload permitted
  • Complimentary electric boat for owners,crew, and guest use * Must be 25+ years or older to use and have Washington State boaters card or equivalent experience*
  • Fitness gym and indoor rock climbing on-site
  • On-site ship’s agent for all your provisioning needs
  • Dockside fuel bunkering permitted

Neighborhood And Surrounding Area

Located in the heart of Seattle’s booming Ballard neighborhood, SBMC is just minutes from all the city amenities. Whether you prefer fine dining or food trucks, tranquil parks or the loudest NFL fans, symphony or rock and roll, SBMC is nearby. Scroll through the list below to see the variety of attractions, activities, and restaurants in the neighborhood.

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Maritime Services

MY Itasca in Alaska

“I have been around the world three times on Itasca. We’ve been to the Arctic, Antarctic, and everywhere in between. We’re a single screw yacht traveling in some of the harshest places on the planet. Breakdowns are not an option. When we’re in the Pacific we come to Seattle for the very best in yacht maintenance and mechanical expertise. The technicians and craftsmen in Seattle understand how important it is to keep us running; they’re relied upon by the commercial towing and fishing industries. They’re hardworking, fair, and capable.”

Captain Matt Carter
M/Y Itasca, 176’ (54m) x 35’ (11m) 845GT

Salmon Bay Marine Center has on site and local maritime services

“Seattle has a thousand commercial fish boats. A couple hundred oceangoing tugs running to Alaska and Hawaii. If the lights aren’t burning and the props aren’t turning they aren’t making money. If you need a tail shaft in Seattle you have half a dozen options. In California, you have one, maybe two. Seattle has so much more infrastructure. Take the machine shops we have, the prop shops, hydraulic experts, everything that supports the maritime industry. There’s so much more here. More haulouts, more people, more options.”

Dana Brodie
Senior Port Engineer, Stabbert Maritime, 2013-2017
Port Engineer & Engineering Manager, Foss Maritime, 1988-2013
Chief Engineer, Crowley Maritime, 1972-1987

Overhauling Cat 3508s in Delta 130′ CV-9. Hatton Marine, located 200 yards from SBMC, completed the work. Click here to see more photos from this project. The exhaust insulation was beautifully constructed by Ballard Insulation (400 yards from SBMC).

Paul Hoffman stands proudly with his work.

Hydraulics done right! The four pictures above show custom hydraulic systems designed and built in Ballard and installed on four different fish boats. Puget Sound Hydraulics, located just a few blocks from SBMC, did most of the above work.  Within a one mile radius of SBMC, there are 60 highly experienced hydraulics technicians. You won’t find a higher concentration of marine hydraulics experts anywhere in America.