Foss Mining Barge

April 17th, 2015

One of the many interesting pieces of equipment/traffic that goes past our facility daily.

Foss Mining Barge









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Also a video taken from our dock cams below.

New Superyacht moorage!

June 17th, 2013

We have now removed the 165 ft wood pier on the west side of the property and replaced it with a new 165 ft concrete monolithic float dock, with the same specs as our existing docks.

New Super Yacht Moorage at SBMC, removal of wood pierNew Seattle Super Yacht Moorage, Wood Pier RemovalNew Seattle Moorage at SBMC, Wood Pier Removal New Seattle Yacht Moorage at SBMC, Wood Pier Removal

Waterfront Construction performed the demolition/install and also repositioned Slips 1 & 2 to their permanent location.  Each 165ft dock is held in place with 8 steel pilings, cut-off below the waterline for a unobstructed deck surface.

New Super yacht Moorage at Salmon Bay Marine Center, PilingNew Super Yacht Moorage at SBMC, pilings on truckNew Yacht Moorage at SBMC, Piling drivingNew Yacht Moorage at SBMC, piling

The new Topper gangways give ample room to drive the utility carts to and from your yacht for easy provisioning.

New Super yacht moorage at SBMC, gangways

Fire, water and sewer connections installed by Bering Industrial.

New Super yacht moorat at SBMC, S3/4

Boardwalk and bulkhead upgrades are to come and should be getting started in the near future.  We are also anxious to start development on 3 new waterfront buildings and a 24,000 sq ft shop building mid July.